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The regulations are clear. Real training together with PATOss do free EAA annual updates which are really worth doing.

The most important thing is to meet the needs of a child. If a child’s needs are known and met, these should be embedded as the normal way of working for a child in school and for all tests etc, and this then should determine what EAA need to be applied for. The application should echo the normal way working. Evidence is then easy to gather .

If a child has a medical diagnosis, including ADHD and ASD, the diagnostic report is your evidence. suitable professionals (must be a specialist) have assessed the child and there is no point or need for another assessment.

If a child has an EHCP they have already been assessed umpteen times and their needs should be known, and support established and monitored. SO no further assessment is needed specifically for EAA. If you feel you need to assess a child to help put in place the right support in a everyday class situation, that is a different matter.

A form 8 together with specialist teachers assessment is necessary if you need to establish eligibility for EAA, so if there is no report written by a medical specialist. A diagnosis of dyslexia for example is written by an EP (not a medical specialist) or specialist teacher (again not a medical specialist). So such students (and any others who need EAA who id not have a specialist report or a letter written by a medial consultant (not a GP)) must be assessed by a specialist assessor approved by the head of centre, not before the beginning of year 9, to establish that they are indeed eligible for the support they should already be receiving in class.

The most important thing which is really emphasised is that students get the support they need established as the normal way of working in class. The EAA applied for in external exams should not be a surprise or different. If a specialist assessor needs to assess a child then a form 8 must be completed. If not, a file note must be written and signed by the SENCo or other suitable professional.

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