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NASEN did a New to SENCO role series of training that I found very supportive and informative. The Lone SENCO by Gary Aubin, Rita Cheminais′, Handbook for SENCOs and The Perfect Senco by Natalie Packer have all been really helpful. The National College has some excellent webinars regard SEND as does NASEN on specific send need. I attended as many meetings as possible, got to know parents and the children on the SEN register. Our local authority hosts SENCO forums which are great for liaising with colleagues. I made a timeline to help me with my handover, focusing on different aspects of the job over two to three weeks; leaving time for reviewing things I wasn’t sure about. I started in September and am still learning every day, reaching out for help from more experienced SENCOS/Inclusion Managers- I have found colleagues very helpful/knowledgeable.