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We have a student with Tourette’s and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. He’s under GOSH who were initially really helpful in terms of letting us know what to expect. Our student can unintentionally put himself and others at risk and so we have had to put a raft of strategies in place. He has a risk plan, a safety plan, a PEEP, two buddies on walkie talkies, he has to use the lifts at all times and we have regular TACs as the situation is ever changing and we’ve been told to expect things to get worse until he finishes puberty.
CAMHS have been great and he’s received CBT therapy. In school he has a student profile which has been shared with all staff and we’ve trained the staff and students as to his needs and how to help as per the student’s request. I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t been challenging, especially with his ever changing tics which have taken many forms and we’ve had to call the paramedics a couple of times but he does seem to be more comfortable now and settled within the school.